Emerging Fashion Fridays | LLY Atelier

portrait LaLaYeah - crédit photo Sara A
Portrait of Agathe Bodineau, the designer behind the LLY Atelier 

LLY ATELIER is a Montreal-based independent jewelry line  by designer Agathe Bodineau.

Agathe Bodineau is a self-taught jeweler who graduated from Concordia University in 2008 with a major in Painting & Drawing. She further developed her fine arts knowledge at the École des beaux-arts in Montpellier, France. Bodineau’s interest in exploring the dialog between objects, materials and the body led her her evolution from visual artist to jewelry designer. Due to her ability to create in a variety of mediums, experimentation is at the heart of her creative process. The designer continually works with visual artists and fashion designers, combining her expertise in both artistic modes of expression.

The oeuvre of Bodineau has appeared in publications such as Vogue Magazine, ELLE Magazine, Flare, La Presse, Some/Things, The Gazette, Flanelle Mag and Clin d’Oeil. She has also presented at Montreal Fashion Week, Fashion Preview, Fashion Arts Toronto and in numerous design fairs, pop-ups and art galleries.


The brand’s aesthetic is minimalist, geometric and refined. LLY Atelier’s ornaments are are characterized by their clean lines and geological shapes. The hand-made collection combines precious metals like solid silver and bronze with resins, leather and rough minerals.

Each piece by LLY Atelier is crafted with a great attention to detail and an appreciation for the unique nature of organic forms. Bodineau draws inspiration from visual art, natural sciences, extreme adornments and minimalist architectural design.

To learn more about LLY Atelier visit: http://llyatelier.com/



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