Emerging Fashion Fridays | Namesake

Image courtesy of Namesake

Rosa Halpern, a Toronto-based designer and artist, founded her brand Namesake in 2016. As an avid leather-jacket wearer and fashion-lover, Rosa set out to create an atelier that focused on the versatility, durability and craftsmanship of the iconic leather jacket.

Namesake offers a range of exquisitely designed, high quality, bespoke leather jackets, available at accessible prices. Quality leather pieces withstand the march of time and the fickleness of ever-changing fashion trends — in fact, leather jackets actually get better with time as they are worn in, stretched to fit, and scarred from adventure.

This “anti-fast fashion” sentiment, as well as the ability to custom design a unique jacket, are the driving concepts behind Namesake. Customers participate in the design process of their jacket as they select their base style from a range of seven, their leather from over 20 options (from exotic embossed croc to sustainably raised US-farm deer), as well as hardware (gold, silver, gunmetal, rose gold, brass, etc.) and details such as belt, collar, lining, even the monogrammed message in the jacket’s tag. In this way, each jacket is reflective of the wearer’s style and individuality.

Image courtesy of Namesake

Every Namesake piece is made by hand by the classically-trained Rosa from her studio in Toronto; guaranteeing quality, attention to detail, and the luxury of a custom-made garment.

Every jacket in the Namesake collection has been assigned a name. Rosa’s idea is to create a dynamic between the style of the jacket and the symbolic power of strong, culturally significant women. Named after two influential women herself—Rosa Parks and Rosa Luxembourg— Rosa has always been intrigued by the symbolic power of a name. By naming each piece after a historically significant woman, she hopes that the wearers will be inspired by the strength, creativity, and unique style of the strong women of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Header Image: Rosa Halpern | Shot for SMagazine by Louisa Nicolaou

To learn more about Namesake visit: http://bythenamesake.com/

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