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Designer Spotlight | Marisa Minicucci, SØSKEN Studios

Marisa Minicucci
Marisa Minicucci

Marisa Minicucci is a Canadian fashion designer recognized as one of the premier names in fashion.

Hailing from Montreal, she began her career working at Irving Samuel, the prestigious coat and suit manufacturer. Ms. Minicucci went on to found her own highly successful labels – Marisa Minicucci, M Siamo and Minicucci x Marcanio. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, she is renowned for her strong designs and unwavering commitment to women’s fashion.

“If there is one thing I’ve learned over nearly three decades in the fashion industry, it is that style is in a constant state of transition,” says Marisa Minicucci, SØSKEN Studios Designer.

Ms. Minicucci is working to refine women’s outerwear, offering women a polished collection with the debut of the Fall/Winter collection from her fashion label: SØSKEN Studios. Infused with her signature streamlined designs and modern perspective, this collection’s neat lines and classic colours are the epitome of Scandinavian cool and a true testament to Ms. Minicucci. Søsken appeals to a broad spectrum of women – regardless of age or size.This outerwear line is designed by Ms. Minicucci, under the umbrella of Adorable Outerwear.

Bio and Images courtesy of Marisa Minicucci

#TFW Recap | UNTTLD FW16

It may seem counterintuitive to consider contemporary womenswear inspired by The Renaissance truly modern. After all, fifteenth century culture was tirelessly fixated on reviving the antique past. Yet UNTTLD’S FW16 collection, presented as a part of the Mercedes-Benz Start Up program, showcased the duo’s talent for modernizing period references and doing it with sprezzatura.

“We are fascinated with the intrigue, mystery and decadence of renaissance court life.” —José Manuel St-Jacques and Simon Bélanger of UNTTLD

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Emerging Fashion Fridays | LLY Atelier

portrait LaLaYeah - crédit photo Sara A
Portrait of Agathe Bodineau, the designer behind the LLY Atelier 

LLY ATELIER is a Montreal-based independent jewelry line  by designer Agathe Bodineau.

Agathe Bodineau is a self-taught jeweler who graduated from Concordia University in 2008 with a major in Painting & Drawing. She further developed her fine arts knowledge at the École des beaux-arts in Montpellier, France. Bodineau’s interest in exploring the dialog between objects, materials and the body led her her evolution from visual artist to jewelry designer. Due to her ability to create in a variety of mediums, experimentation is at the heart of her creative process. The designer continually works with visual artists and fashion designers, combining her expertise in both artistic modes of expression.

The oeuvre of Bodineau has appeared in publications such as Vogue Magazine, ELLE Magazine, Flare, La Presse, Some/Things, The Gazette, Flanelle Mag and Clin d’Oeil. She has also presented at Montreal Fashion Week, Fashion Preview, Fashion Arts Toronto and in numerous design fairs, pop-ups and art galleries.


The brand’s aesthetic is minimalist, geometric and refined. LLY Atelier’s ornaments are are characterized by their clean lines and geological shapes. The hand-made collection combines precious metals like solid silver and bronze with resins, leather and rough minerals.

Each piece by LLY Atelier is crafted with a great attention to detail and an appreciation for the unique nature of organic forms. Bodineau draws inspiration from visual art, natural sciences, extreme adornments and minimalist architectural design.

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Emerging Fashion Fridays | Jon De Porter

“Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but pearls never outshine the beauty of a woman.” —Jon De Porter
Montreal-born designer Jon De Porter

Jon De Porter’s life and career have been driven by an attraction to glamour, decadence and beauty. The Montreal-born designer delved into the world of jewelry design after an impromptu visit to the Beijing Pearl market during a 24 hour layover in the city.

This fateful encounter ignited his fascination with the organic gems. De Porter’s aesthetic goals are ambitious; his aim is to redefine the conventional connotations of pearl jewelry as dated and conservative. At the hand of De Porter, the pearl is transformed into highly covetable and contemporary jewelry. Each of his designs can be characterized as unpretentious, accessible and beautifully vibrant.

“The Jon De Porter woman is strong, confident, and in control of her own life. She is classic and she appreciates quality.” —Jon De Porter

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Designed and handcrafted in Montreal by Lina Hu, Arc Jewellery was born in a time of transition. Originally in Montreal to pursue a Arc-Jewellery_lina-huMaster’s Degree in Epidemiology, Lina quickly realized that this was not her calling. She made the difficult decision to leave school, and, on a whim, decided to enroll in a jewellery course. Lina fell in love with metalsmithing, and spent the spring and summer of 2013 developing pieces that have evolved into her two premier collections: Petites Pensees and Pointed Feelings launched Arc Jewellery - Linearity Lookbook 2in February of 2014.

A rational sensibility from Lina’s background in science translates to the clean lines and constrained forms of Arc Jewellery. The newly launched Linearity collection echoes the geometry of the first two groupings, but reduces the ideas to more minimal and almost two-dimensional forms. Lina’s designs are polished, simple, and meant to be worn together in a customizable fashion. Continue reading EMERGING FASHION FRIDAYS | ARC JEWELLERY

Emerging Fashion Fridays | 3. Paradis – TOM* Emerging Menswear Designer Award Finalist

The Emerging Menswear Designer Award (EMDA) returns to Toronto Men’s Fashion Week’s (TOM*) Spring/Summer 2016 season from Monday, August 17th to Tuesday, August 25th.

CAFA is proud to feature the talented EMDA finalists in the coming weeks through our Emerging Fashion Fridays series.

Emeric Tchatchoua and Raymond Cheung, founders of 3.Paradis
Emeric Tchatchoua and Raymond Cheung, founders of 3.Paradis

Established in 2012, 3.PARADIS is an innovative and trendsetting luxury ready-to-wear brand founded by designers Emeric Tchatchoua and Raymond Cheung. Long-time friends, Emeric and Ray come from two different corners of the world (Paris and Hong Kong) with a common artistic vision and dream of uniting and embracing all cultures and differences. They are the authentic innovators and visionaries that bring about the magic behind the brand.

Emeric “Rico” Tchatchoua and Raymond “Samuray” Cheung respectively from Paris, FRANCE and Hong Kong, CHINA graduated from ESMM and Lasalle Fashion School, Montreal in 2014. After a trip around Europe in 2012, the two designers decided to introduce their approach and passion for fashion and art to the world through the luxury ready to wear label 3.PARADIS by deconstructing traditional ideas and reinventing conventions in menswear with no boundaries, no rules, no conventions.

A capture from the "Dystopia" collection by 3.PARADIS
A capture from the “Post Dystopia” collection by 3.PARADIS

Growing up and living in different parts of the world, such as Paris, London, Hong Kong and Montreal, has certainly contributed to 3.PARADIS design approach largely inspired by European and Hong Kong’s lifestyle and street culture. Through fashion, the design duo expresses their creativity, their thoughts and vision of the world of today, their thrill and fear. Indeed they call themselves “Street Visionary.”

A capture from the "Dystopia" collection by 3.PARADIS
A capture from the “Post Dystopia” collection by 3.PARADIS

3.PARADIS entails its own holy trinity, a perfect harmony between mind, body and soul so that all cultures interact peacefully and in serenity. The movement bridges the gap between cultural disparities promoting a common voice amongst today’s global generation. “We embrace authenticity with a unique sense of creativity. We are a leader of the new school.”Living between Paris, France and Montreal, Canada, the two designers believe that we are on the brink of a cultural revolution, which will bring about this change. Their avant-garde design and minimalism with a subtle touch of madness will mark a turning point in the evolution of menswear.

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Image courtesy of RUDYBOIS

Quebec City based designer, Rudy Bois, was born in Trois-Pistoles, Quebec, Canada. It’s after his Paris internship in fashion marketing that he reconnected with his childhood passion for designing womenswear. Rudy Bois launched his first high-end ready-to-wear collection under the label RUDYBOIS for the Spring/Summer 2013 season. Success was immediate. This debut collection gave the brand a window through the international fashion press.

Image courtesy of RUDYBOIS

RUDYBOIS designs have been featured in several magazines including Elle Canada, Elle Québec, Dress To Kill, FASHION Magazine, Clin d’Oeil Magazine, and LOULOU Magazine, which hailed it as one of the top Canadian brands. Many public personalities have worn RUDYBOIS, such as actress Karine Vanasse, international fashion model Pamela Bernier, TV host Véronique Cloutier and singer Marie-Mai.

The first RUDYBOIS runway show featured the Spring Summer 2015 collection. It was presented on October 22nd 2014 at Toronto’s World MasterCard Fashion Week. In February 2015, the FASHION Magazine Toronto Fashion Week Awards crowned RUDYBOIS for People’s Choice for Best Collection Spring Summer 2015.

Rudy Bois’ aesthetic shines through the RUDYBOIS brand, which is timeless, dramatic, chic, and pure. Each piece is handmade in Canada using the finest textiles from around the world.

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