An Artful Alliance: Christopher Paunil Designs


“The business of fashion is sometimes overlooked,” says emerging designer Christopher Paunil.

While it is true that fashion’s creative facet tends to take the spotlight, a brand simply cannot survive without the essentials of commerce, finance, marketing, and administration. The Toronto-based designer, along with his business manager Chalo Barreuta, aims to strike a balance between artistry and business savvy.

The duo recently spoke with CAFA about their latest ventures, including their residency at the Toronto Fashion Incubator (TFI) and designing for Kleinfeld Hudson’s Bay.

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In the Spotlight: Hans Koechling


Hans Koechling is a leader in the production and direction of outstanding fashion events and is at the forefront of the Canadian fashion scene. His company The Image is … produces fashion events for luxury brands and designers from Toronto to Berlin, Montreal to Milan, and New York to Shanghai. His extensive knowledge and expertise in a constantly evolving global fashion world is widely recognised in the fashion industry. Continue reading In the Spotlight: Hans Koechling

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